Are you posting with a cory health query? READ THIS 1ST!

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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Are you posting with a cory health query? READ THIS 1ST!

Post by Coryman »

There are several questions that always seem to follow a query on Cory health. So it goes without saying that the poster of such a health question should provide as much of this information as possible in the initial post. I have made a list below of the information required. And if possible a positive ID/pictures of the fish concerned.

1. Water parameters
a) Temperature range
b) pH
c) GH
d) KH
e) Conductivity or TDS (if GH and KH aren't provided)
f) Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite levels (Most LFS's will check your water and give a list of readings)
g) Water change frequency
h) "Routine" water treatments (e.g, chlorine/chloramine or ammonia neutralizers; pH or hardness adjustments, anti-stress chemicals, tank-cycling bacterial mixes).

2. Tank set up
a) Size
b) Substrate
c) Filtration
d) Furnishings
e) Other tank mates
f) How long has it been set-up?
g) Food used and frequency
h) Recent changes in the tank which occurred shortly before the disease/problem appeared (if any; e.g., changes in water source or water treatment, changes in decorations or substrate, replacement or changes of hardware (filters, heaters, etc.), and additions or removals of live plants or live fish)

3. Symptoms / Problem description or history

4. Action taken (if any)

5. Medications used (if any) / changes in fish observed since treatment began (if any)

Any posts without this sort of information added will tend not to get a quick reply (or reply at all). Please help us to help you.

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Re: Are you posting with a cory health query? READ THIS 1ST!

Post by gasmaskdude »

Thanks for the heads-up.
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