Light sensitivity with Corydoras eggs

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Light sensitivity with Corydoras eggs

Post by exasperatus2002 »

Every now and then I hear someone mention briefly, that Cory eggs can be light sensitive. But I never see any material about it. If you suspect your eggs are light sensitive, how do you and by how much, do you restrict the light exposure? I'm currently using marina breeder boxes to hatch my eggs then transferring to a rearing tank after a week. Works well for my sterbai and aenues but my adolfoi eggs have issues and I lose many eggs by day 3 . I think they're sensitive.
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Re: Light sensitivity with Corydoras eggs

Post by bekateen »

Hi exasperatus2002,

I've heard before that in general, some eggs (not specifically cory eggs) are light sensitive. For that reason, I place a thin mesh shield over the breeder box when incubating L052 eggs. I'm not sure it helps, but it doesn't hurt.

Good luck,
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