CW127 in the usa?

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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CW127 in the usa?

Post by plecofannz »

Anybody worked with this species in the USA? They have always been on my bucket list.
Since there's not much info about them my apologies because I have quite a lot of questions.

How easy are they to breed? I know its doable, but considering how rare they are, I guess they aren't the easiest species to breed.

How large do they get? Pretty important for me to know so I can design a setup around them. I've seen CW028 in real life, I assume they get to similar size, maybe a bit larger? Probably smaller than bronze though.

How often are they available? Seems like they are more common with more breeders but still pretty rare.

And also care parameters? I assume you can keep them like any other cory and there's no extra care requirements with this species
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Re: CW127 in the usa?

Post by bekateen »

@Mexnotex has kept them.

Cheers, Eric
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