Hatching & Raising fry

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.

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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by Elainemac1981 »

My fry has just hatched first time cracking it there in a tub with a airstone in but do I take the airstone out n just put a airline in
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by viktorvviktor »

Gracias, información útil! Pues la Cecotec CecoFry Compact Plus es justamente ese electrodoméstico soñado. Una freidora https://mejorfreidorasinaceite.es/freidora-cecofry/ pequeña compact dietética y/o sin aceite capaz de cocinar de 4 maneras, una verdadera ayudante de cocina a low cost.
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by -carlo »

I see it is recommended to add methylene blue. How do I dose this? I have 5 grams in powder form. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by mrspepperpot »

hi, its always good to learn from the experts, I am new to the cory world, although my peppers are spawning so much I'm having trouble keeping up with them. I haven't as yet managed to raise past 7 days old, although her last batch of 3 spawns all within a two week period seem to be doing well, oldest fry 7days old today.
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