Hatching & Raising fry

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.

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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by Ironhead »

I have raised Corydoras for over 40 years. I have tried many methods to get high % hatches and good early survival. The one method that has done best for me is to use the blackworm continers as floating incubators. I prefer the square blue plastic type. I use the mesh bottom tray and cut a styrofoam float from old shipping boxes. The plastic tray has a small lip that will allow easy removal and replacement when cleaning. The styro I cut about 1" wide. This way the eggs are in the tank where they were laid and I can use the flow in the tank to keep the water fresh. For smaller tanks, like those for Aspidoras, I use plastic coffee strainers that I buy. These are round & about 3" across, lending themselves to being used in a smaller tank. Most of my corydoras are kept in tanks with large surface areas compared to volumn. 30 gallon breeders are great 18' x 18" x 12" deep. Difficult to find at times. 40 gallon breeders are good for the larger species...sterbai and such. On my breeding tanks I keep a good hang on filter like the Marineland Bio Wheel or AquaFlo. On the front I hang a Hot Magnum. When the females are all full of eggs and ready to spawn, I do a 50% water change with rain water or R.O and turn the Magnum filter on. The water I add is not heated...often dropping the tank temperature by 5 degrees F or more. This water change, temperature change, and the extra current seems to get the spawning started.

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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by JoeO »

Mike, thanks for the info. A couple of questions.

What percentage of your eggs hatch?

What percentage of fry reach maturity?

Are these the blue containers you are writing about?

If you use a mesh bottom, how does the food stay in the container and not fall out?

Thanks again...

Joe O.
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by Proteus »

I'm wondering if microworm is really needed due to the fact that my panda cories have spawned so many times in my tanks and I was only feeding the inhabitants bloodworms, flake food thats it- I have never intended to spawn them due to tank space however theres a pair in there thats constantly spawning and I have put in dwarf cichlids to help reduce the fry numbers and there are at least 10 of panda cories in my 55g tank that have survived to adulthood- without any microworm or tiny live food cultures

wondering if anyone else have had that experience before as well too? I have tons of plecos, cichlids now, one roseline, CPDs, black neon, cardinals in that tank?
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by DJ-don »

really helpful!!!
btw i am using meth blue for my cory eggs in a 3.6l container and realised that after a few hours the full on blue container turned clear and there arent any holes in the bottom because i heard fry need clean water so doing 50% water changes in 3.6L container is easier
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by CorydoraLover »

I have a group of 19 Corydoras in a 75 gallon tank and have never had any luck with them spawning.
there are five Albino long fined Aeneus, six c. sterbai, three pandas, two false juliis and some peppers.
a lot of these cory cats are I have had over a year but I have never had any of them spawn.
I tried moving each type of them into a half filled ten gallon tank and poured some cooler water on them but I'm starting to lose hope.

what can I do?
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by FunkyFredFrog »

I put 6 corydora julii or trilineatus (not sure which) in a 2 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot tank on sunday - fed them live food, daily 15% cool water water changes and put some dark green mops in the tank on wednesday morning. Wednesday evening there were eggs in the mop! This is just the kind of resource I've been looking for! The best website on the net! If every other fish website was like planetcatfish they would be a lot easier to use and better!
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by Jools »

FunkyFredFrog wrote:If every other fish website was like planetcatfish they would be a lot easier to use and better!
That's great to hear, and many thanks for the feedback. (The fiver's in the post ;-) )

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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by petra »

hi everyone,
I have a question about c. trilineatus fry. I have them in a 20l tank, in about 10l water -- 15cm deep. my question is if that is too deep for them to be able to swim up for air for the first time, or they don't do that at all?
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by lhenry777 »

Hi, I have trilineatus. Has anyone had good luck using the mop? Also,my male eats the eggs the minute the female lays them and since she has been laying only a single egg at a time, it's been easy for him. Even if I put them in a separate tank from the rest of my aquarium inhabitants (angels, z. danios, glo light tetras)the male will demolish the eggs. Any ideas how to divert him or distract him so she can lay her total amount of eggs without him eating all of them?
Thanks so much.
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by lostcracker »

great info i was going to ask alot of questions but they all were answered in reading..was amazed last nite at looking at my cory and wondering what it had on it when it went to the bottom of the tank shook violently on an old mussel shell and left eggs. i scrambled to do something as they were being eaten by my barbs..i collected them quickly and put them on a rock out of the tank in a butter bowl with tank water inside. i have a box made out of very fine netting hanging inside my tank that i transfered them to after collecting them for 3 hrs of laying, resting, laying, resting lol it was amazing.dont have anything else to put them in wasnt prepared for this at all.they look fertile as described above so waiting to see what happens.first time around on all this and this site has helped alot thanks. will post results on the developent crossing fingers and waiting lol thanks again for the good info..
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by bigamefish »

You just answered all my questions !! Now I just have to go pick up some males!
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Ted Hughes
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by bettafish »

Hey guys! My catfish just unexpectedly spawned. I am completely shocked. They are Bronze cories, and there are 3 of them in a 14g tank with a betta and a whack of Red Ramhorn snails. I want them to live, but I don't have live food to feed them, so should I just leave the eggs alone, since I can't provide live food? I only have two types of bottomfeeder pellets. Advice is appreciated!
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by corybreed »

Hi bettafish,

Do you have another small tank to deposit the eggs or the Cory's and the bettafish. If you leave the eggs with the adults they will most likely be eaten. You do not have to feed live food. You can crush one of the pellets into a fine powder, but feed sparingly. You can also purchase frozen baby brine shrimp. Once the eggs hatch after about four days wait until the yolk sacks dissolve before feeding the fry.

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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by bettafish »

I scraped off a couple batches of the eggs (there were about 5) into a container thats being floated in the 14g, and I hope they make it. I read they can be fed egg yolk too, is this right? I'm nervous about putting all of the batches of eggs into the container, as I squished some getting them off the side, they float off and make it hard to catch!
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by andyC »

hello i have a slight problem i breed bronze
and paleatus and i have no problem keeping the bronze
fry alive but i do with the paleatus the bronze seem to feed
all the time but i have noticed that the paleatus don't feed
as vigorously as the bronze fry can you shine any light on this

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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by ali12345 »

Would this apply to hoplo cats as well? They have laid eggs in a bubble nest attached to the crossbar. I need to do a waterchange tomorrow. I can try and do a water in and out at the same time to try and keep the levels up. They won't make it if they hatch though so I will need to try and remove them and put them in a floating nursery with an airstone.
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Re: Not pulling eggs

Post by Catfishy »

The most success I've had so far was from doing absolutely nothing. I have a community tank and when my cories laid for the first time it took me by surprise, the eggs all hatched and i thought all the fry had been eaten and then about a month and half later two little cories appeared and now are almost big enough to start breeding themselves. My wee pod of cories have spawned a good few time since then, every time i do a 50% water change actually, and I have some newly hatched fry in a wee net right now but i've never been successful, fingers crossed this time
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by CorydoraCat »

My elegans laid eggs today. They're tan colored, but look like they have a bit of a white center. Any idea of they may be fertile? The only male in the tank is a peppered cory.
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by rita1 »

i have sterbai corys lay her eggs on the glass and plants, i scraped them off with a sharp knife and put the eggs into a tupperware with the water from the tank and clipped the tupperware to the side of the tank, so the water will stay warm as it floats inside the tank. day 3 they started to hatch by day 4 all had hatched. i change the water daily with the water from the tank. now i am feeding liquid fry i use a syringe (without) needle to suck up the waste from the tupperware. they are a great little catfish.
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Re: Hatching & Raising fry

Post by yannick62 »

My peppered cory lay between 80 to 120 eggs for one female.

very interesting article.... With lot of advices.

Yannick Mesnage
France (North near Lille)
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