Who does your Syno pal around with?

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Who does your Syno pal around with?

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Do YOU have a syno who pals around with a different fish?

My syno (looks like a euptera) has been here since a baby. He grew up with three clown loaches, they literally hung out and swam together.When the last one passed, he wouldn’t eat and hid, until his ribs showed! So I got him a female, omg, he was swimming and eating til his belly was round and right up against her side 24/7, she was older when I got her and the last few year she’s just mean to him and rams him away. He then had a large comet goldfish friend ,(what a messy tank he made) they too swam together while the wife syno hid & remained crabby) the comet passed last year, and at 13 years old, my poor syno once again, just seems miserable unless I sit right by the tank, he’s happy when my hand is in the tank, he eats from my hand and sits in my palm and swims like crazy if I have my hand in the tank, poor guy needs a nice friend, but I don’t want a goldfish there again. I guess I could get a few clown loaches again, they just seemed so sensitive to the water changes etc, . Anyway, any suggestions or do YOU have a syno who pals around with a different fish ? My tank is 65 inches long. Thru the years he’s never palled around with the smaller fish who’ve been in there, just the clowns and goldy
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Re: Who does your Syno pal around with?

Post by Viktor Jarikov »

Hello neighbor,

There are riverine large synos who are solitary in the wild and shoaling smaller synos lacustrine (that come from lakes).

I've read your account with interest and I recall reading others where peers report unusual associations of tank mate fishes. Still to me it sounds unusual and strange, I guess, mostly because I can't say I have seen anything much like this IME. Also, on the one hand some people often anthropomorphize their pets, on the other there appear to be rare genuine accounts of unusual behaviors.

Fish may take a liking and share the same hiding spot and come out together for feeding but this can still be but a coincidence.

Fish "sulking" after a tank mate died, could merely be an illness / bad water, etc., that killed the tank mate but only sickened the syno.

Synodontis euptera are a large riverine solitary fish, who on paper shouldn't need any mates for comfort. The story of what occurred between your two synos is somewhat to be expected (if the species IDs are correct).

I've kept great many syno with great many tank mates e.g. here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30939&hilit=120+gal but I can't advise you on your question, as IDK the answer. Sorry. I hope someone else will.
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