Are they breeding? (Pseudomystus heokhuii)

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Are they breeding? (Pseudomystus heokhuii)

Post by Sharks2700 »

They have moved to a larger tank than what i had them in, and now one is lightly pulling the other one to it and they are swimming in circles. I will post a video if i can get one w/o spooking them. Any help is welcomed, thanks!
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Re: Are they breeding? (Pseudomystus heokhuii)

Post by Narelle »

I would be curious to see a video if you get one!

I also keep this species and have seen a few behaviors over the years that might have been spawning related, but nothing ever came of it that I saw. I have a group of 6 with plenty of room to hide, so if there were ever eggs laid, I missed seeing them before they got eaten.

What were the conditions in your tank like when they did this? Have you been doing anything to try to trigger spawning?
Wishing you success so I can try to reproduce it!
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