New 'cartoon' Cory

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New 'cartoon' Cory

Post by Dave Rinaldo »

New 'cartoon' Cory almost obscures Quick links, decreasing the area to grab with cursor. The half and/or whole image have this affect.
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Re: New 'cartoon' Cory

Post by Shovelnose »

Not sure if this is related but I have been facing a similar issue for the past few weeks with the 'main menu'.

Customer:Not much of a cheese shop really, is it?
Shopkeeper:Finest in the district, sir.
Customer:And what leads you to that conclusion?
Shopkeeper:Well, it's so clean.
Customer:It's certainly uncontaminated by cheese.
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Re: New 'cartoon' Cory

Post by Jools »

It's not related Balaji, but it is a problem. It happens with a smaller screen size. I do plan to look into it.

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