Please help Zamora with fungus

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Please help Zamora with fungus

Post by jodilynn »

Hi, just noticed one of my Zamora's has what looks to be a fungal infection.
I know they are extremely sensitive to medications.
Please advise as to what I can treat this with. Is it best to move him to a treament tank?
Please help!
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Re: Please help Zamora with fungus

Post by bekateen »

Hi Jodilynn,

Nice to see you back on PCF, but not for this reason. I can see the fungal outbreak on the fish, but I didn't know zamoras were sensitive to meds. I'm not sure what to recommend.

I hope someone else can offer help.

Good luck, Eric
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Re: Please help Zamora with fungus

Post by Bas Pels »

Fish which are sensitive to medicines are not necessarily sensitive towards ordinary salt.

Fungus, that is most kinds of underwater fungus, are quite sensitive towards salt.

Depending on the possibilities, I'd prefer trying a saltbath, with around 3 gram a liter of salt, NaCl.
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Re: Please help Zamora with fungus

Post by Catfish-ologist »

Hi! I have never treated a Zamora, however, I am keeping Tatia intermedia, a close relative to the Zamora. This is what I would treat mine with if they were in this situation. I have had success with these products. These are the primary products that I keep in my fish first aid kit. I've found success in always keeping a QT/Hospital tank ready to go and moving the sick fish ASAP and beginning treatment. I hope this is helpful. Good Luck!
best wishes,
-- Sean
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