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Lets get something going here!

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Anybody fish for big catfish in South America? I read there are two hundred specie in the Amazon River system and the Scientists feel there are probably a bunch undescovered.

I work in Paraguay which is landlocked and almost dead center in South America. We have two Big Mississippi size rivers and three big catfish. Two specie of Surubi and a an ugly catfish called a Maduviru. They get over 100 lbs. The big Surubi are caught fishing live fish and eels. Sound like fish for Flatheads? The relate to Structure and like current. Just like flatheads. The Manduviru eat livebait but will also readily eat fresh cutbait, Darn, Sounds like a Blue Cat.

I haven't caught a monster yet. 25 pounder is my best. The country is so poor, everything that gets caught is either eaten or sold. You have to fly in to remote parts where there is no commercial fishery to get big ones. Has not been in my budget. This year I met a rancher up north and I am going with him. I will report on my trip in May when I return.
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Although there are quite a few 'anglers' on Planet Catfish; have you read the 'About'? in the drop down menu bar, which explains what this site was set up for.
I think that maybe you are after a "Monster fish" angling site.
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