L397 with possible popeye, what to do?

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L397 with possible popeye, what to do?

Post by Woodh »

Will try to get a picture of it asap but have not seen the particular fish today, the eyes are slightly bulging and white. Anybody got an idea of what to do first? Water parameters are in order and rest of fish seems unaffected. I am considering just adding some salt or perhaps some anti bacterial medication and see how it proceeds over the coming days. Any tips of other things that could be worthwhile to try are appreciated.
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Re: L397 with possible popeye, what to do?

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I would put the poor fish in a tank on his own & turn up the heating a little but please make sure you add more oxygen/Air to the fish tank , Then add some medicine or salt to start with , But make sure whatever you use you follow the instructions 100%
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