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A historical forum for issues reported in the suggestions and bugs forum that have been subsequently fixed or resolved.
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Correct ID

Post by characinkid »


I dont claim to be an expert, but when I look at this picture, I think that we have the male/female reversed: ... e+to+right

Looks to me like the male is on the left?
Can anyone comment?
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Re: Correct ID

Post by bekateen »

You are absolutely correct. I fixed it. Thanks!

Cheers, Eric
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Re: Correct ID

Post by Armistead »

That is who I got them from, he came and gave a talk at the Akron Aquarium Society 2 or 3 months ago about his trip and catching the fish in 2018. He brought a bag of them but they went for more than I was willing to spend that night, but they were at the auction this past weekend. Thanks for the info.
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