When do C. paleatus fry develop adult coloring?

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When do C. paleatus fry develop adult coloring?

Post by YFS »

Hi folks,

A question from a novice cory keeper: when do C. paleatus usually develop their adult "pepper" coloring? I'm raising my first set of C. paleatus fry and right now they're getting big (larger than about 1.5 cm) but still look to me like a C. aeneus. I only had C. Paleatus in this tank so I'm hoping it's just a juvenile vs. adult coloration situation and not something odd in their genetics. Does this species only develop adult coloring later? I've only previously raised a few C. aeneus and C. sterbai fry so I don't have a comparison for paleatus. Thanks much and my pardon if I've missed a detailed forum on age/corydoras color dev't, still getting used to this fabulous large site of info.
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Re: When do C. paleatus fry develop adult coloring?

Post by bekateen »

Hi @YFS,

You should be able to see a spotted pattern within the first month. See pictures here: https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/my ... d=271#1409

Cheers, Eric
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Re: When do C. paleatus fry develop adult coloring?

Post by BlackCat22 »

I have C. paleatus fry that are 6 days old. They are very dark & some have lighter spots showing.
One of the females that spawned the eggs has a darker olive green colour than the other female that also spawned some of the eggs.
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