Amblyceps mangois with belly full of eggs

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Amblyceps mangois with belly full of eggs

Post by FatCatDoorMat »

Hello all. I have been keeping this particular group of 4 Amblyceps mangois since February. Today I noticed that one of them had eggs in her belly. I had one Amblyceps that had eggs but unfortunately jumped out, but this one is in a secure tank.

So... now what? Do I leave them to their devices? Have anyone successfully bred Amblyceps?

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Re: Amblyceps mangois with belly full of eggs

Post by medaka »


Not much information that I can give you; but, I hope this little amount may be of some help.

I once, got some Amblyceps foratum to spawn I had eggs but only three hatched, and the fry subsequently died within 24hrs. (so I class this as a failure to spawn) .

The tank set up was 12"x10"x10", sand substrate with an air powered internal sponge filter. To which I added an egg trap that had nylon wool intertwined with the mesh. the eggs were laid in the night-time hours. I remember feeding the adults on blood worms, white worms and small granula commercial feed.

PS: Sorry , I cant remember water measurement and my notes went astray some time ago .
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