Any tips to getting L134 and L397s to spawn?

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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Any tips to getting L134 and L397s to spawn?

Post by fishyregz »

I breed quite a few rare species but so far I’ve been struggling to get the 134s and 397s to spawn.
They are all adults, nice and chunky, ready to spawn.
I have been trying to trigger them to spawn but nothing seems to be working for me. Any tips? Thanks
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Re: Any tips to getting L134 and L397s to spawn?

Post by cavefish »

I know it's a cliché, but patience is key. I only found L397 fry after 3.5 yrs of keeping them. True I got them as juveniles, but the males had long since developed odontodes near the tail before I got a spawn.

Sometimes the tanks get neglected and miss a weekly water change, then the next water change might be enough to trigger a spawn (especially if there is an incoming storm / low air pressure). A circulation pump with an air stone beneath it to move that O2 around the tank might be helpful, as should some live food (like baby brine shrimp or bloodworms).

When I have given up on a species spawning for me is usually when they'll spawn. Just keep up with the husbandry and you should get a spawn eventually.

Good luck.
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Re: Any tips to getting L134 and L397s to spawn?

Post by bekateen »

Live black worms, chopped shrimp, fresh sweet potatoes, and big (75-80%) water changes work for me with L397. Temperature around 83-85F.

Good luck, Eric
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Re: Any tips to getting L134 and L397s to spawn?

Post by stuby »

Like above L397's seem to like it warmer than other plecs do. Mine are kept around 80-82f. I never feed them any live or frozen foods. Strickly pellet foods and mine are fat and happy. Don't do any water changes for at least 10 days.... then a large water change (30% to 60%) two days in a row. Changing water should be slightly cooler than tank water (~5 or so degrees cooler changing water). Normally a day or two after they should breed. I bred the L134's the same way.... though they were in a bit cooler (~78f) tank water.

Hope that helps,
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Re: Any tips to getting L134 and L397s to spawn?

Post by sturiosoma »

Have you checked out posts from Apistomaster?
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