Roller mat filters in sump, any good???

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Roller mat filters in sump, any good???

Post by Chuunofish »


I am in the process of planning a new 1000 ltr ultra low maintenance tank with a sump, I know the marine guys are moving on from filter socks/sponges to rollermats like the Clarisea and was wondering if anyone has any comments or experience of using them in a tropical setup, a roll change every 6 weeks seems far more appealing than twice weekly sock changes and they also appear to filter a lot more muck (20 microns) vs filter floss or socks (150 micron).

Thanks in advance
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Re: Roller mat filters in sump, any good???

Post by bekateen »

Hi Chuunofish,

I've never used these but a friend of mine has a roller system on a discus (If I recall correctly) tank and he seems quite happy with it.

Cheers, Eric
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Re: Roller mat filters in sump, any good???

Post by sumer »

Hi there,

yes, I use this on a freshwater discus tank. You can see the details in this video here-
I also know that Jake at ReefBuilders studio uses this in his Fresh Water tanks as well.

It's a mechanical filtration device that changes the filter roll automatically. I don't think it matters what type of aquarium you are using. Any and all aquariums can use this technology. The cost to get it can be the only thing that may stop some people from using it.
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Re: Roller mat filters in sump, any good???

Post by gemmalyly »

When using a roller mat filter, make sure to regularly clean out any debris buildup inside the filter housing with a water hose or vacuum cleaner.
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