Changes to Aspidoras

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Changes to Aspidoras

Post by Silurus »

Why are all the changes being made to Aspidoras showing up as Amphilius?
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Re: Changes to Aspidoras

Post by bekateen »

Silurus wrote: Sat Oct 15, 2022 5:02 amWhy are all the changes being made to Aspidoras showing up as Amphilius?
Six Aspidoras species names were synonymized with other species. I moved keepers, breeders, spotters, etc. over to the appropriate valid Aspidoras species, then renamed the barren Aspidoras clog pages as Amphilius species which were not already in the CLOG. I then used the edit tool to strip all references to Aspidoras from the renamed pages and these edits have been submitted to Jools, waiting for approval.


When Jools approves the corrections, the CLOG entries will be properly Amphilius.

Cheers, Eric
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Re: Changes to Aspidoras

Post by Jools »

Sorry, had a pile of "life admin" to sort out on my return from the US. All these should be in now.


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