Bare or substrate

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Bare or substrate

Post by Hayklo »

Which is better for breeding tank, bare bottom, or substrate tank?
Bas Pels
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Re: Bare or substrate

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The arguments are that a bare bottom is easier to claen, but a saubstrated one reduces stress. I personally think less stress will increase growth, and make the fish hardier against any disease.

You won't be surprized I use sustrate. In fact I even use plants and rlittle stones to reduce stress - but when netting the fishk, I start removing them. The plants must therefore be hardy and cheap
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Re: Bare or substrate

Post by Jools »

It depends on the species and your view on animal welfare. Battery hens produce more eggs.

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Re: Bare or substrate

Post by sturiosoma »

I like substrate if only a dusting

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