Same species?

All posts regarding the care and breeding of catfishes from Africa.
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Same species?

Post by Phoenix.L »

I just got a bunch of the zebra variant s.nigriventris. From what I can find they are only found in the Kutu region of the DRC and are a separate population that does not contain any standard colored individuals.
Aquarium glasser published an article about them where it does call them a separate species. An undescribed species affinis of s.nigriventris, but that was in 2011.
Has anyone seen any updated information on these guys?
I am absolutely in love with these little guys. They are stunning visually and I actually get to enjoy that because they are very, active even during the day. They are a great group of funny little clowns and full of personality. I like them so much that I ordered a few more so that they can have their own tank with a school of 12 when they grow out a bit more.
(Note on the red color around the gills. they all look like that so I did treat for potential parasites just to be on the safe side. I have had them for long enough now that I believe the coloring may just be because they are young and very light colored in that area. They are all very active, eating well, and the appearance has not changed at all. I contacted the wet spot, where I got them, and was told that they all came looking like that, they have not lost any, and the last time they got them they looked like that too. I am satisfied with that answer)
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Re: Same species?

Post by Jools »

Nice looking fishes! AFAIK, there is no update beyond what you've already said. Glaser (being a business that makes money out of having different fishes :-) ) is always going to be a "splitter" and hold the view these are different species. Current taxonomy says otherwise but this is more that "no one has looked into it" than a firm, recently researched view.

It'd be good to keep a record (post pics here?) of how the pattern changes as they mature.


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