Feeding question

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Feeding question

Post by Gazy »

My two featherfin squeaker catfish are about 4.5 inches long.

I have the usual flakes, some catfish pellets and a tube of fluval bug bites.

Stupid questions follow;

How many catfish pellets should I feed per day?

(Often I see the two juvenile bunoes aries Tetras trying to eat them too and comically seem to juggle the pellet in their mouth, letting it go and then catching it again)

The fluval bugbites seem quite big to me.

I put one in the tank and they loved it but were fighting over it.

Should I brake it in half? Or should I put two bugbites in together?

I'm just concerned if I put two bugbites in the tank, they will eat too much and get poorly?

When I try to feed the Tetras with flakes, the two cats swim upside down on the surface and gobble alot of the flakes up too!

So, I'm just looking for guidance on feeding the difference types of food I've got and by how much and how often ?

Thanks in advance! 🙂
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Re: Feeding question

Post by Jools »

1. Don't know what pellets they are, or size, but generally if they're left after 15 minutes you're feeding too much per feeding. Synos are fine to feed every other day but daily is fine as long as they are not going obese. They will overeat, so be careful. Don't "double-up" if you miss a feed.

2. Feed two, one at each side of the aquarium.

3. You have normal fish. :-)


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