Bacterial/ ich infestation?

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Bacterial/ ich infestation?

Post by Sparksurge »

Hello everyone, some of my younger bristlenose fry get clamped fins and die a few weeks after, they hang on and eat but their fins simply get glued together? I do a 50% wc daily because the tank is small and I also run a canister filter, feeding with sera spirulina and viformo. Can this be an ich variant that's less deadly?
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Re: Bacterial/ ich infestation?

Post by bekateen »

Hi Sparksurge,

Sorry you're having so much difficulty. I've heard of other people with similar experiences, so you're not alone. This doesn't sound like ich to me, but I've heard some people say it's Oodinium. I'm not sure that's correct but if you can treat for that, it's worth a try.

However, my preference is to do bigger water changes and see if that helps first.

Good luck,
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