180 liter stock

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180 liter stock

Post by Mica »

Hi friends
Im planning a 110 x 40 x40 (cm) tank with the idea of a beautyful l number center piece fish , with some tetras and maybe corys

Thanks in advance
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Re: 180 liter stock

Post by Jools »

I'd probably go for - something you would see more. Maybe is another good one?


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Re: 180 liter stock

Post by JamesFish »

Consider how far away you will be (further away bigger fish needs to be in order to see it).

Also consider if you want live plants avoid anything likely to smash them.

Personally love corys as they are happy little souls. Ancistrus would also love that size thank as they could get to full size.

If you have a sand bottom and want to see your catfish regularly. https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/sp ... cies_id=14 - Try those. Not as exotic as Jools suggestions mind.
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