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Reporting of SPAM or inappropriate posts

Posted: 06 Oct 2006, 11:33
by MatsP
Unfortunately, due to planet catfish's popularity, some people will post adverts in the forums to gain attention to other web-sites.

The moderators will remove spam or other obviously inappropriate posts immediately as the moderator sees them.

If you feel that a moderator needs to take action "now", send a private message or e-mail to the moderator of the forum where the post is.

Please refrain from linking to the post in this forum (or any other forum) - that will just help the spammers getting more coverage, as Google will follow the link and find it AGAIN, should it happen that Google (or anyone else) is scanning planet catfish at that time.

Also bear in mind that Moderators have to sleep too - so if it's three o'clock in the morning where the moderator lives, it may take a few hours before that particular moderator removes that particular post - but there are moderators in Asia, Europe and North America, so there is pretty good coverage in all timezones.