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Please put LOCATION in post title (e.g. UK only)

Posted: 10 Aug 2008, 10:18
by Jools
Even though you are posting in a subforum specific to a geographic area, putting your location (buyers) or where you will ship to (sellers) in the title really helps please.

As the subject line says, how frustrating is it to click on a link to someone selling the fish of your dreams only to find it's half the world away? This goes for wanted items too please. If you're OK with shipping anywhere in the world, please put "worldwide" in the title.

We're happy for you to emphasise that point by putting the location in CAPITALS. But, please, don't post your whole subject line or message in capitals. It's shouting. :-) You are reminded that it's your responsibility to stay within forum rules some of which specifically relate to buying and selling.

Keep your webmaster happy and help everyone avoid unnecessary clicks by including your location or shipping range in the subject please.