31: Another odd resizing behavior

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31: Another odd resizing behavior

Post by bekateen »

Hi Jools,
This next problem may be related to the other problems described in previous posts here and here. But in case it's different, I thought I'd add it to the "list" of issues. :-)

If you are viewing the list of members and you resize the window to make it narrower, or if you try to view the members list on a small-screened device like a mobile phone (in my case, a phone running Windows Phone 7.5), the column titles (Group Member / Rank / Posts / Website / Joined) all disappear except the first one (Group Member). This makes it impossible to sort members by anything other than username.

I know you're prioritizing basic functionality of the PC website above issues with mobile/tablet display, and that makes sense. No rush. As others have said, you're doing a great job; keep up the good work.

members wide.png
members midwidth.png
members narrow.png
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