Error when running the BETA label creator

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Error when running the BETA label creator

Post by bekateen »

Hi Jools,

I'm sorry for keeping you busy in this part of the forum, but here's another bug. And I suppose this one is to be expected, since the BETA label creator is a "BETA" after all.

I tried making labels with the BETA label creator and this is what happened: Starting from a CLOG page (in this example, I was starting at ), I clicked on the link for the label maker and the label was properly produced on the screen.
  1. Error #1) When I clicked on the link to switch to "Printing Mode," the new screen was blank and the label disappeared.
  2. Error #2) Starting from the screen that shows the label for O. cocama (just before causing error #1), if I then start to type a new species name in the "Select" box (in order to add more species), I immediately see an error message (shown in the photo) while I'm typing the name in real-time.
  3. Error #3) Continuing from the second error, if I finish typing the new name into the "Select" box and then press <Enter>, I receive a different error message:
"Error 404 - /common/TBC - Page can't be found

This isn't the page you're looking for!

Sorry, but it appears the page you are looking for has scarpered, click here to go to the main page and start over. Alternatively, ponder a water change for a moment, and we'll re-direct you to the main page to start your journey afresh!"

Cheers, Eric

This isn't the page you're looking for!
Are you channeling "Star Wars" here? Is this an attempt at Jedi mind control? b-)
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