Odd behavior of "hilit" function after forum search

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Odd behavior of "hilit" function after forum search

Post by bekateen »

Hi Jools, Mats, or whomever,

I was recently searching for an old post of mine, using the search word "maccus." When I clicked on any of the results (e.g., http://www.planetcatfish.com/forum/view ... lit=maccus), I found that any CLOG link which was highlighted as a result of the search didn't display correctly on the page: Instead of showing the species name properly and behaving like a link to the CLOG page, the screen displayed what resembled untranslated HTML code (or whatever script or code it is), along with a placeholder box for a broken link: In this case, I obtained "(maccus" onmouseover="Tip('"Panaqolus
Panaqolus maccus ', WIDTH, 320)" onmouseout="UnTip()" target="_blank">Panaqolus maccus)

If I deleted the string "&hilit=maccus" from the URL address, the post displayed correctly. If I pasted the same string back into the URL, then the defective code appeared again. If I clicked on the "Edit post" link, and then clicked the "Submit" button without making any changes to the post, it displayed correctly.

And it's not just with my own posts. If I randomly search for another name (in this case, I tried "Hypancistrus") and click on a link such as the thread called, "Re: What kind of Pleco?," then I encounter the same problem behavior.

Not sure why this problem appeared, as I hadn't seen it before.

Sorry, Eric
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