Looking for L085

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Looking for L085

Post by donttellmywife »

Hey everyone, long time keeper, first time posting to this site...

I’m in search of some L085 baryancistrus. These are the adults of the L018. I have a group of L018 currently. I’ve had them for over 2 years and I’m just not getting the growth I was hoping for. I’ve been keeping a log book through the whole process and have learned a ton about these fish...but I’d really like some adults to study.

Every web search I’ve done just comes up with the typical 3, L177, L081 and L018. I’ve contacted a few importers and they seemed clueless as well. I sent an email to one exporter from the Xingu river and he tried to sell me a different type of fish. So I’m reaching out to all you who have vast experience of tracking down hard to find catfish.

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