Panaque L397 , L330, L 191, L190, L 27

Items for sale in continental Europe.
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Panaque L397 , L330, L 191, L190, L 27

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Due to a change in life and departure for a time in a delegation abroad, I am forced to regret it with great regret

say goodbye to my wards. It is a bunch of fish of the genus panaque + a few other species pleco. The fish are

healthy, I can say that they are health specimens. I want to sell them - the prices are really bargain for such large, healthy, reared specimens. The fish are kept on tap water without any additives so you can easily enter your aquarium. I am passionate so I guarantee mega high quality fish at a bargain price. I will throw the link to the channel because I do not want to give pictures and movies better

they will illustrate what we are dealing with. As you can see, I do not care about the displays because I only put the movies now and

only because of parting. Please, be willing to write on meila or on priv. I will not reply to text messages. Ps.

I live in poland. I am leaving for the Netherlands next week so I can bring the fish along the way by prior arrangement ... subscriber
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