Hypostomus labyrinthus, new species

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Hypostomus labyrinthus, new species

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Hypostomus labyrinthus

de Oliveira, R. R., Ribeiro, F. R. V., Canto, A. L. C. & C. H. Zawadzki. (2020). A new species of the Neotropical loricariid of Hypostomus cochliodon group (Hypostominae) from the lower Rio Tapajós basin, Brazilian Amazon. Journal of Fish Biology. First published:22 May 2020

https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs ... /jfb.14399
A new species of Hypostomus with spoon‐shaped teeth is described from the Rio Cupari basin, a right margin affluent of the right margin of the lower Rio Tapajós, Pará State, Brazil. The new species inhabits rocky bottom areas in the main channel of Rio Cupari and its tributaries. The new species can be distinguished from all its congeners, except from the Hypostomus cochliodon group, by having 6–8 spoon‐shaped teeth, dentaries angled at less than 80° and by the absence of a notch between hyomandibular and the metapterygoid. The new species is distinguished from all species of the H. cochliodon group by its unique color pattern, containing dark vermiculations on head and anterior portion of the trunk, and by medial buccal papillae absent.
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