Synodontis obesus

Incorrect ID? New info to be added, taxonomic revisions and any kind of changes to the data we currently hold in here please!
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Synodontis obesus

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These remarks need to be edited or removed as Synodontis was retuned to masculine.
Synodontis obesus
"General Remarks There is some debate over the species name. ‘Obesus’ is a Latin adjective (meaning fat) that, according to nomenclatural rules, should be declined to agree with the gender of the genus. As Synodontis is feminine and obesus is masculine, the species name should be declined as obesa (feminine form of obesus). However, current scientific literature continues to treat the specific epithet as masculine, even though epithets for almost all other Synodontis species have been declined to their feminine forms. The cause of this is unknown."
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