New catfish colony

All posts regarding the care and breeding of catfishes from Africa.
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Dwarf synodontis

New catfish colony

Post by Goodroad »

Hello. New here but have been a hobbyist for decades. But first time with a colony of synodontis. 6 angelicus, 3 scribbled hybrid, 2 gold nigrita. Sharing a75 gallon tank with a small group of demasoni. All cats are 2 to 2.5 inches.

Hoping to add more variety. I have only identified one consistent importer from west Africa ( west coast). Another importer ( east coast). Not many enthusiastic collectors of African imports today. I wish we had more. The Asian breeders have mastered the creation and mass production of colored hybrids and has gotten hobbyists crazy over them. Not me, I’m old school.

Viktor Jarikov
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Re: New catfish colony

Post by Viktor Jarikov »

Cool. Is your goal to raise them all together and have them inhabit one tank? It'd be an interesting community if they could learn to live together peacefully. Visuals would be nice too.

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Re: New catfish colony

Post by bekateen »

Sounds like a great start. Yes more African catfish keepers please!
Cheers, Eric
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Re: New catfish colony

Post by Fishmandavew »

Good luck trying to raise 6 Angelicus together in a 75. These will get 8” and if mine is anything to go by, won’t get on in a confined space. Although your Nigrita could be worse still.
Keep us informed how it goes.

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Re: New catfish colony

Post by Birger »

I agree completely with the previous post.It is too crowded and will result in stunted fish.

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