Tankmates voor my L201

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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Tankmates voor my L201

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Hi guys,

New here, hope i'm posting in the right spot:)
Got a tank with L201's, six of them between 6 - 8 cm. Had fun raising them and making the tank match their needs. But i'm still thinking of an other sort of fish to join them in this tank. Tank is 80x30x30cm, fine gravel on the bottom, rocks and 9 keramic holes on 3 levels made with rock plates, wood, 1 plant (javamos) double sponch filter, medium current(vertical), 2 times a week 25% water change. As they have grown towards maturety i would like to try and breed with the L201's.

Is there any sort of small / nano fish that would go well in this setting? Problem is i don't really like "regular" fish you see in all aquariums. They should be a bit more special:)

Thanks for thinking with me!

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Re: Tankmates voor my L201

Post by YSR50 »

I've bred sparkling gourami in the same tank as my L201 breeding group. It's fun to hear them croaking in the fish room.

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