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New book in Pims can now be ordered

Posted: 08 Apr 2021, 10:18
by The.Dark.One
It's here! The Pims book has over 40 genera and over 120 species and forms represented in beautiful photos. Information on the genera and species is provided.
It can now be ordered by using this link and registering. If you are a reseller and order more than ten copies, Andreas Tanke will switch your account type which will change the unit cost.
The books will be ready around 18 May 2021. The more orders we get, the higher the print run will be.
However, if you want one or more please act now because once they are printed that will be it, and you could miss out.
If you are a photo contributor you don't need to buy one. Please send me your postal details.
Please share where you can. ... catfishes/