Looking for TRUE synodontis petricola

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Looking for TRUE synodontis petricola

Post by drewerickson37 »

Hey all,

Online all you can find are lucipinnis,
I’m looking for a group of at least 4 depending on price. I know the visual difference I once had true petricola, smaller spots etc. desperate to find true petricola’s please direct message me and don’t be suprised if I ask for pictures lol

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Re: Looking for TRUE synodontis petricola

Post by 24tropheus »

Well in the UK I would go Mikes rifts and not trust the so called tank bred petricola in some shops I see. I may be old and jaded but wow are there some folk out there selling stuff as it is not. I guess its what they bought em as but its hardly a good explanation as they often know the truth.
Erm why do you want true petricola? lucippinns are cuter and far easier o breed.
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