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L46 Another Spawn Question....

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2022 4:21 pm
by ronkar1316
Hello all. L46 groups (and others) started spawning again thanks to advice I got from some of the folks here. Thanks again. I currently have a male on eggs from my first group of L46, and another female trapped in my second group of L46s. In regards to the male on eggs, after the female left the cave, I shined my flashlight into the cave to see if they were sucessful and observed the male on a small clutch of eggs. About 7 eggs from what I could see. There was also a single egg at the front of the cave that I initially left alone, but removed and placed in a tumbler when it was outside the cave this morning. The single egg seems ok and has maintained its orange color. Appears fertile but we'll soon see. I checked on the male again to ensure that he still had eggs....and he was on 2 separate clutches. The same 7ish eggs....and there was a smaller batch of about 4. Has anyone ever seen this before? Im sure it was from the same spawn, but for some reason...the eggs aren't "clumped" together as they should be. Is this an indication of something that I'm not aware of...or does it just happen sometimes?