New Cambeva

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New Cambeva

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Costa, WJEM, CRM Feltrin & AM Katz, 2022. An endangered new catfish species of the genus Cambeva (Cambeva gamabelardense n. sp.) (Siluriformes, Trichomycteridae) from the Rio Chapecó drainage, southern Brazil. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 45: 123–129.


Numerous species in fast–flowing streams of southern Brazil have not been described to date. As some of these species inhabit areas under pressure due to the ongoing, intense process of environmental degradation, formal descriptions are urgently needed so as to elaborate strategies for their conservation. We describe a new species, Cambeva gamabelardense n. sp., found in the middle Rio Chapecó drainage, Uruguay River basin, in an area where intense deforestation and soya plantation is endangering fish species. The new species is considered closely related to C. panthera, a species occurring in an isolated coastal basin about 380 km from the area inhabited by the new species, as the two species share a unique jaguar–like pattern on the flank. The new species differs from C. panthera by having shorter barbels, a different position of the origin of the dorsal–fin, more vertebrae, and osteological features that are unique among congeners.
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