A different new Cambeva

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A different new Cambeva

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Costa, WJEM, V Abilhoa, RH Dalcin & AM Katz, 2022. A new catfish species of the genus Cambeva (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the Rio Iguaçu drainage, southern Brazil, with a remarkable unique colour pattern. Journal of Fish Biology doi:10.1111/jfb.15071.


Cambeva melanoptera sp. nov. is described from streams tributaries of the Rio Iratim, Rio Iguaçu drainage, southern Brazil. This new species is remarkable by having a colour pattern not found elsewhere among trichomycterid catfishes, consisting of a broad distal black zone in all unpaired and pectoral fins, strongly contrasting with a pale yellow proximal zone. Cambeva melanoptera also differs from all other trichomycterids from eastern South America by having the nasal barbel about thrice longer than the maxillary and rictal barbels. Due to the presence of a similar bicolour caudal fin, the new species is tentatively considered closely related to Cambeva castroi and Cambeva diabola, as well as more closely related to C. castroi than to C. diabola, by the first two species sharing the presence of a curved lateral process of the parurohyal and a trapezoidal projection on the lateral margin of the lateral ethmoid. The great morphological diversity found in species of Cambeva endemic to the Rio Iguaçu drainage, including numerous exclusive characteristics not occurring in congeners and in any other species of closely related trichomycterine genera, indicates the need for more studies focusing on possible causal factors responsible for such unique diversification pattern.
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