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Ornamental aquarium organisms trade in Bangladesh

Posted: Thu May 12, 2022 6:16 am
by bekateen
Hossain, NEI & ABM Mohsin. (2022). Ornamental aquarium organisms trade in Bangladesh. Int J Aquac Fish Sci, 8(1): 010-024.
The study was conducted in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and was carried out for twelve (12) months from March 2018 to February 2019 with a view to represent the trading diagram of ornamental fi sh in Bangladesh. During the current study 270 varieties (230 freshwater, 36 marine, and 4 brackish water) belong to 149 species (109 freshwater 73%, 36 marines 24%, and 4 brackish water 3%) of 38 families under 10 orders and 6 crossbreeds’ varieties were recorded. Considering the number of species maximum 83 (55.70%) was found under the order Perciformes followed by Cypriniformes 24 (16.10%), Characiformes 18 (12.08%), Siluriformes 11 (7.38%), Osteoglossiformes 05 (3.35%), Atheriniformes 03 (2.01%), Lepisosteiformes 02 (1.34%), Polypteriformes 01 (0.6%), Myliobatiformes 01 (0.67%) and Cyprinodontiformes 01 (0.67%). The top five popular species were guppy (13.16%) followed by goldfi sh (12.39%), molly (8.54%), angelfi sh (6.23%), platy (5.93%). Most of the ornamental fi sh species were imported by importers from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Japan on the basis of demand. Then the imported shipment of aquarium fi sh and fi sh products was distributed among Dhaka Katabon fi sh shops, wholesalers, and retailers, according to their given order. After that, these were again distributed locally, to aquarium shops, breeders, ornamental fi sh farms all over the country. General customers and hobbyists purchase ornamental fi sh and aquarium products from local aquarium shops and businesses. The increasing tendency of the number of fi sh species was 5.96 times in the last 15 years and 3.31 times in the last 10 years. Local farms and aquarists’ breeders bred 76 varieties under 23 species due to its high demand and profi tability. Pricing varied on varieties, species, size, and breeding status (local or abroad), availability and ranged from BDT 40.00-80,000.00 per pair. Considering the fi ndings, aquarium fi sheries is highly profi table at present and it will be a potential sector in Bangladesh.