Phenacorhamdia suia , new species from the Xingu

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Phenacorhamdia suia , new species from the Xingu

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Phenacorhamdia suia , new species

Silva GSC, Ochoa LE, Castro IS. New species of Phenacorhamdia (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae) from the Xingu River basin. Neotrop Ichthyol. 2022; 20(2):e210143.
Heptapteridae is a diverse group of catfishes composed of 231 valid species endemic to the Neotropical region, recognized in two subfamilies: Rhamdiinae and Heptapterinae. Phenacorhamdia is a Heptapterinae member and currently has 13 valid species broadly distributed throughout the main river basins of South America. Here we described a new species of Phenacorhamdiafrom the Xingu River basin. Morphological data were obtained from 30 specimens under 23 morphometric measures and 6 meristic counts. The new species differs from congeners based on the exclusive combination of the following diagnostic characters: atypical mottled colored body and all fins with interradial membranes mottled pigmented; multicuspid teeth; maxillary barbel reaching pectoral-fin origin; lacking a short extension of the first pectoral-fin ray; tail fin lobes extremely elongated and pointed; and 43−45 total vertebrae.
Keywords: Amazon River basin; Brazilian Shield; Catfish; taxonomy
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