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Osteology of Pachypterus khavalchor

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2022 10:02 am
by Silurus
Pise, M, SM Gosavi, PA Gorule, CR Verma, SS Kharat, L Kalous, P Kumkar, 2022. Osteological description of Indian lepidophagous catfish Pachypterus khavalchor (Siluriformes: Horabagridae) from the Western Ghats of India. Journal of Vertebrate Biology 71: 22021.


The present study provides a comprehensive osteological description of Pachypterus khavalchor from the family Horabagridae. Nine individuals of P. khavalchor representing both males and females collected from the type locality were cleared and double-stained to provide a description of osteological characteristics. The presence of an almost straight dorsal roof to the cranium, a long and protruding premaxilla with numerous rows of tiny, villiform teeth, a spoon-like lower jaw with villiform teeth projecting outward, and five long and ossified ceratobranchials, with the 5th ceratobranchial containing a set of 80 to 90 conical teeth, sheds light on the ecomorphological adaptation in P. khavalchor that may have led to the evolution of lepidophagy. Furthermore, a slight difference in the structure of the complex hypurapophysis was observed between males and females. The information on the osteology of the Khavalchor catfish forms a baseline for taxonomic research of the entire Horabagridae family comprising four genera with ten species distributed in Asia.