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Missing articles

Posted: 08 Aug 2022, 10:11
by Jools

Rather by accident, I found an article which didn't display. I had a quick look at why and see that six articles have been affected like this for quite a long time. Our oldest backup is from 2003, but there is a gap between then and 2017, so they are really lost from my control. I am noting them here, and using the magic of the internet ( I will restore them.

Will let you know when they are all back online:

March • 1997 • Catfish of the Month - fixed

Getting into a sticky situation: methods of adhesion in catfishes • Catfishology • Shane's World - fixed

March • 2008 • Catfish of the Month - fixed

Calophysus macropterus, A "shark" in the freshwater aquarium • Species • Shane's World

Remote photography of catfish • Catfishology • Shane's World

In search of Corydoras carlae • Geography • Shane's World



Re: Missing articles

Posted: 16 Aug 2022, 10:09
by Jools
These have now all been restored to their former glory!