Having a Cory die off

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Having a Cory die off

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My wife picked up some new fish (endlers and otto catfish?) and we stupidly didn’t not quarantine them as we had someone in that tank dealing with other issues. We have 4 fancy guppies 8 endlers (which were new) a dwarf Mexican lobster, 6 otto catfish (which were also new), 1 salt and pepper Cory, 1 albino Cory, 2 emerald green Cory’s, 6 Celebes rainbow fish.

One of the ottos died, and “disappeared” we cannot find the body anywhere and believe the lobster ate him. Two more proceeded to die. When this happened we lost 3 rainbow fish within a day, and the other 3 were showing “white” inside of them (one of their organs I don’t know what it was but they are see through) and super lethargic and we knew they weren’t gonna make it.

After they died, or salt and pepper Cory’s face turned white (same color like the rainbows) and was not going to make it(he died) now one of the emerald green Cory’s has a white face too and is lethargic, we don’t think he’s going to make it.

We didn’t even check water parameters after the rainbows all died and did an immediate 80% water change and I added 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of aquarium salt dissolved in the incoming water as it was the only treatment on hand. The next day was when the salt and pepper showed his symptoms.

I have salted the tank before with them in it and they were fine last time.

30 gallon tank
Fluval 107 canister
Temp 78
Ammonia none
Nitrite none
Nitrate none
We have a private well (no chlorine) but I still use stress coat every time I add water
It’s a sandy bottom tank.
The tank is 6 months old now
Any help or suggestions before we lose them all would be extremely helpful
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