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Articles on the reproduction of individual species with details from the aquarists that have kept them.

Peckoltia vittata and L080, two similar species by Janne Ekström
As the author explains, these two species are excellent candidates for someone just starting off breeding some of the less commonly bred plecos.

A Chance Spawning of Chaetostoma sp. (L444) by Rob Torrens
Notes on an community tank chance spawning of the most common rubbernose or bulldog pleco.

A chance spawning of the Asian Bumblebee by Megan Gallagher
A surprising article which should be read by anyone interested in catfish breeding, bagrids and generally thinking about how a whole bunch of catfishes might just be spawned.

All About Zebra Plecos by Christophe Girardet
One man's experiences with selecting, keeping and breeding the enigmatic Hypancistrus zebra.

Ancistrinae Internet Lecture by Ingo Seidel
The seminal transcript of an online lecture giving a vast amount of information and pictures concerning this group of plecos. Want to breed L-numbers? Read on...

Breeding Aspidoras pauciradiatus by Don Kinyon
General information on spawning this species.

Breeding Baryancistrus beggini, the Blue Fin Panaque or L239 by Geoff Haglund
One of the first recorded spawning accounts of this increasingly popular little species.

Breeding Brochis splendens by Don Kinyon
General information on spawning this species.

Breeding Corydoras aeneus 'Peru Green' by Don Kinyon
General information on spawning this colour variation of the every popular Bronze Cory.

Breeding Corydoras axelrodi by Don Kinyon

Breeding Corydoras duplicareus by Don Kinyon

Breeding Corydoras gossei by Don Kinyon

Breeding Corydoras habrosus by Don Kinyon

Breeding Corydoras napoensis by Yann Fulliquet

Breeding Corydoras oiapoquensis by Don Kinyon

Breeding Corydoras pygmaeus by Kaycy Ruffer

Breeding Corydoras sterbai by Don Kinyon

Breeding Farlowella by Amanda Parker
The author describes the breeding of two species from the genus in a thorough and descriptive article.

Breeding Peckoltia compta by Janne Ekström
Spawning account and information on rearing this beautiful L number.

Breeding Peckoltia vittata by Janne Ekström
The author describes why this is a great choice of pleco for a breeding project with "mid-range experience" aquarists in mind.

Breeding Pseudacanthicus leopardus by Marina Parha and George J. Reclos
Accounts of the spawning of this species, and it's close relative (L114) across two populations kept by aquarists in Manchester, England and Athens, Greece.

Breeding Pseudacanthicus spinosus by Mingxin Guo
A journal style account of breeding this medium sized pleco.

Breeding Scleromystax barbatus by Don Kinyon

Breeding Scleromystax prionotos by Adrian Taylor
A thorough spawning report on this Corydoras-like species.

Breeding Tatia intermedia by Graham Ramsay
Woodcats, or more formally auchenipterids, are not commonly bred catfish. Here the author gives an interesting account of what turns out to be a really prolific species.

Breeding Ancistrus sp. `Rio Tocantins` by Yann Fulliquet
More breeding successes like that documented herein may see this attractive and prolific species establish itself as a popular aquarium catfish.

Breeding Chaca by Klaus Dreymann
A full spawning account including raising the fry and thoughts on behaviour of the adults of this highly unusual species.

Breeding Hypancistrus sp. Queen Arabesque L260 by Janne Ekström
Account of multiple spawning of this pretty species including spawning set-up and trigger information.

Breeding L128 by Andreas Bjørvik
Less commonly seen than <em>Hemiancistrus subviridis</em>, this personal and vivid account of spawning L128, is an equally rare article well worth the potential breeders consideration.

Breeding L147 by Janne Ekström
Apparently the first documented spawning of this attractive pleco. An in-depth article with plenty of images too.

Breeding LDA25, Parotocinclus jumbo by Kim Mathiasen
A short set of notes on breeding this interesting dwarf utility pleco.

Breeding the banjo catfish, Bunocephalus coracoideus by Eric Thomas
Aquarium spawning of this species is not documented in the modern era. Now it is.

Breeding the Medusa Pleco, Ancistrus ranunculus by Geoff Haglund
A report of several spawnings and attempts to raise the fry of this unusual Brazilian bristlenose species by an aquarist in New Zealand.

Breeding the Porthole Catfish by Torill Nordeide Berge
A rare account of the repeated spawning of this medium sized armoured catfish.

Can Ancistrus hybridise? by Sandor Tüllmann
The topic of potential hybridization within the genus Ancistrus is frequently and hotly debated on the internet, but only rarely seriously discussed. The author sets out to settle the debate once and for all.

Captive spawning of Glass Catfish by Kat Bolstad
An account of an "accidental" spawning of the common Glass Catfish, <em>Kryptopterus minor</em>, in a hobbyists community tank.

Care and breeding of the oil catfish Centromochlus perugiae by Achim Werckenthin

Keeping & breeding Hypancistrus sp. L262 by Marina Parha and George J. Reclos
As suggested by the title, this is an in-depth look, with many photos, at the reproduction and care of this species.

Keeping and Breeding Sturisomatichthys leightoni by Paul E. Turley
Detailed article on maintenance, care and breeding this elegant loricariid. Pretty much everything you need to know about the dwarf royal twig catfish.

Keeping and Breeding Corydoras zygatus by Yann Fulliquet

Keeping and spawning Peckoltia sabaji by Janne Ekström
Not one of the commonly spawned species, Janne takes us through the spawning of this most courteous of plecos.

L174 and L316, two small and similar Hypancistrus species by Janne Ekström

L28, an undescribed species of Hypancistrus from the Rio Guamá by Yann Fulliquet
Spawning account including the trials and tribulations of raising fry.

Maintaining and Spawning Albino Ancistrus by Don Danko
First class photography by the author accompanies this thorough article on spawning the albino bristlenose.

Making beacons, the spawning of L091. by Andrew Coxon
Details the reproduction of <em>Leporacanthicus triactis</em>, L091 or the Three Beacon Pleco.

Making Sunshine in Indonesia by Rajanta Sinardja Rahardja
The successful spawning and rearing of the majestic L014, Sunshine or Goldie Pleco, <em>Scobinancistrus aureatus</em>.

My experiences breeding L144 by Knut Kjesbu
Another Ancistrus species, but one that has more than it's fair share of mystery.

Notes on a spawning of Dianema urostriata by Dennis Rawlinson
Discussion of an, unfortunately, unsuccessful attempt to rear the eggs of the flag-tailed porthole cat after a spawning.

Notes on a spawning of Loricaria simillima by Andy White
Detailed article on maintenance, care and breeding this variable Loricariid.

Notes on Breeding Sturisoma by Shane Linder
Well researched background information on the royal whiptail catfish.

Notes on keeping and spawning Hypancistrus inspector by Haakon Haagensen
Information on this distinctive pleco AKA L102.

Observations of Breeding Corydoras weitzmani. by Paul Belanger
Notes from one of the first aquarium spawnings of this very attractive species that is surely to become an aquarium staple.

Pleco Breeding Techniques by Larry Vires
The transcript of an online lecture given in the PlanetCatfish chatroom by Larry on Saturday 24th January 2004.

Raising Sturisoma by Larry Waybright
Although aquarium spawning among members of this genus is reasonably common, raising the fry is nowhere near as straightforward. Here the author shares his experiences with this challenge.

Reproduction in Microglanis by Des Penny
Background information on a chance spawning of the South American bumblebee catfish.

So you want to breed Corys? by Ian Fuller
THE introductory article on this subject from one of the world's foremost Corydoras breeders.

Spawning Synodontis multipunctatus & S. lucipinnis by Jerry Miranda
A pictorial account of the spawning of these two Tanganyikan species including adult fry & spawning shots. Also with an article with thoughts on the spawning of the former.

Spawning Hemiloricaria by Shane Linder

Spawning Hypancistrus zebra by Kevin Korotev
An in-depth article on spawning this enigmatic species.

Spawning Panaque maccus by Erlend D Bertelsen
An uncommon spawning record of this common pleco.

Spawning Panaque sp, L204 by Janne Ekström
Detailed account of spawning one of the prettiest L-number plecos.

Spawning Parotocinclus spilosoma by Derek Heath
This species is an occasionally imported hardy Dwarf Sucker that should be much more popular than it is, here is a spawning account.

Spawning Pseudacanthicus sp. L025, the scarlet cactus pleco by Christophe Girardet
An honest, step-by-step, account of the first reported spawning of this imposing species in captivity.

Spawning Synodontis schoutedeni by Eric Bodrock
There are very few reporting spawings from this family of African catfish, so this article is a very welcome addition.

Spawning Erethistes jerdoni by Adrian Taylor
Keeping small fishes can be hard, spawning them and raising the fry is no mean feat.

Spawning L066 by Andy White
An in-depth account of the spawning of the King Tiger Pleco, L066 including pictures from the spawning tank.

Spawning The Dwarf Hoplo, Lepthoplosternum sp. by Reet Thomas
General information on the spawning of this smaller armoured catfish.

Spawning, Embryo & Fry Development in Farlowella vittata by Bruce Brethauer
Breath-taking close-up photography compliments this account of multiple Twig Catfish spawning.

Spawning, Embryo & Fry Development in Sturisoma aureum by Bruce Brethauer
Once again, superb close-up photography compliments this account of spawning.

Successful Spawning of Lasiancistrus tentaculus by Pete Liptrot
A report on the chance, and perhaps first, spawning of this loricariid AKA L092.

Successful spawning of the wonderful WanderWels, Clarias batrachus by Wolfgang Ros
An in-depth account of the spawning of the walking catfish with many instructive photos.

The Dwarf Sucker, Otocinclus vestitus by Paul Kjærland
Information and pictures on the simple and successful spawning of this diminutive delight.

The mysterious Red Lizard Catfish by Sandor Tüllmann
Notes on a mysterious catfish which has a story to tell and this, as well as a breeding account is contained in this article.

Triggering reproduction with the Walking Catfish (Clarias batrachus) by Wolfgang Ros
A second report on the reproduction of this species from the same author who investigates further the triggers and behaviour of these charismatic bruisers.

Wild caught or captive bred? by Eric Thomas
The author provides advice for buying new fish you plan to breed and examines how to manage your spawns.