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Articles on the reproduction of individual species with details from the aquarists that have kept them. Most popular articles:

So you want to breed Corys? by Ian Fuller (94142 hits)
THE introductory article on this subject from one of the world's foremost Corydoras breeders.

Pleco Breeding Techniques by Larry Vires (73081 hits)
The transcript of an online lecture given in the PlanetCatfish chatroom by Larry on Saturday 24th January 2004.

All About Zebra Plecos by Christophe Girardet (66476 hits)
One man's experiences with selecting, keeping and breeding the enigmatic Hypancistrus zebra.

Ancistrinae Internet Lecture by Ingo Seidel (58969 hits)
The seminal transcript of an online lecture giving a vast amount of information and pictures concerning this group of plecos. Want to breed L-numbers? Read on...

Breeding Peckoltia compta by Janne Ekström (55817 hits)
Spawning account and information on rearing this beautiful L number.

Spawning L066 by Andy White (46115 hits)
An in-depth account of the spawning of the King Tiger Pleco, L066 including pictures from the spawning tank.