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Jump to next section Species List
1. Acrochordonichthys falcifer (i:1, k:2)
2. Acrochordonichthys guttatus (i:3, k:0)
3. Acrochordonichthys ischnosoma (i:2, k:0)
4. Acrochordonichthys rugosus (i:10, k:5)
5. Acrochordonichthys strigosus (i:2, k:0)
6. Akysis bilustris (i:3, k:0)
7. Akysis brachybarbatus (i:1, k:0)
8. Akysis clavulus (i:1, k:0)
9. Akysis ephippifer (i:1, k:0)
10. Akysis fontaneus (i:3, k:1)
11. Akysis galeatus (i:1, k:0)
12. Akysis hendricksoni (i:4, k:3)
13. Akysis heterurus (i:1, k:0)
14. Akysis longifilis (i:8, k:11)
15. Akysis maculipinnis (i:12, k:9)
16. Akysis pictus (i:2, k:0)
17. Akysis portellus (i:5, k:1)
18. Akysis prashadi (i:20, k:16)
19. Akysis pulvinatus (i:8, k:1)
20. Akysis recavus (i:2, k:0)
21. Akysis scorteus (i:1, k:0)
22. Akysis variegatus (i:1, k:0)
23. Akysis varius (i:2, k:0)
24. Akysis vespa (i:5, k:11)
25. Akysis vespertinus (i:1, k:0)
26. Breitensteinia cessator (i:2, k:0)
27. Breitensteinia hypselurus (i:0, k:0)
28. Breitensteinia insignis (i:10, k:2)
29. Parakysis anomalopteryx (i:2, k:0)
30. Parakysis grandis (i:2, k:0)
31. Parakysis hystriculus (i:3, k:0)
32. Parakysis longirostris (i:5, k:0)
33. Parakysis notialis (i:5, k:1)
34. Parakysis verrucosus (i:2, k:1)
35. Pseudobagarius alfredi (i:1, k:0)
36. Pseudobagarius baramensis (i:0, k:0)
37. Pseudobagarius filifer (i:0, k:0)
38. Pseudobagarius fuscus (i:0, k:0)
39. Pseudobagarius hardmani (i:1, k:0)
40. Pseudobagarius inermis (i:6, k:0)
41. Pseudobagarius leucorhynchus (i:1, k:0)
42. Pseudobagarius macronemus (i:1, k:0)
43. Pseudobagarius meridionalis (i:3, k:0)
44. Pseudobagarius pseudobagarius (i:0, k:0)
45. Pseudobagarius similis (i:3, k:0)
46. Pseudobagarius sinensis (i:0, k:0)
47. Pseudobagarius subtilis (i:2, k:0)
Jump to next section Total of 47 species
Jump to next section The Catfish Family Akysidae
Family Common Name Catfishes
Distribution Asia
Common Names Asian Banjo Catfish, Stream Catfishes
Size Smallest 20mm, largest 220mm, average 57mm, most commonly 50mm. All SL.
Species There are 47 species in 5 genera in the database
Keepers 13 species (27%) are being kept by registered keepers
Jump to next section Top Five Genera
1. Akysis (53 keepers)
2. Acrochordonichthys (7 keepers)
3. Parakysis (2 keepers)
4. Breitensteinia (2 keepers)
5. Pseudobagarius (0 keepers)
Jump to next section Distribution of selected species
Jump to next section Most Kept Species
1. Akysis prashadi (25%)
2. Akysis vespa (17.19%)
3. Akysis longifilis (17.19%)
4. Akysis maculipinnis (14.06%)
5. Acrochordonichthys rugosus (7.81%)
6. Akysis hendricksoni (4.69%)
7. Breitensteinia insignis (3.13%)
8. Acrochordonichthys falcifer (3.13%)
9. Parakysis verrucosus (1.56%)
10. Parakysis notialis (1.56%)
11. Akysis pulvinatus (1.56%)
12. Akysis portellus (1.56%)
13. Akysis fontaneus (1.56%)

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