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Scientific Name Peckoltia sabaji  Armbruster, 2003
Common Name(s) LDA002, Para Pleco
L075, L124, L301
Type Locality 5.9 kilometers west-southwest of village of Sand Creek, 02.96656°, -059.56943°, Essequibo River drainage, Rupununi (Region 9), Guyana.
Synonym(s) Hemiancistrus sabaji
Pronunciation peck OLE tea ah - sah BAY eye
Etymology Peckoltia: named after Gustavo Peckolt, member of the Natural History Commission of Rondon. The species is named for Dr. Mark Henry Sabaj Perez, Collection Manager of Ichthyology, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.
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Size 250mm or 9.8" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification See CotM article link below.
Sexing Unreported, doesn't follow the norm for Peckoltia species.
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Distribution Guyana, Essequibo drainage, Venezuela/Colombia, middle reaches of Orinoco drainage, northern Brazil, Rio Negro drainage and river of Para State flowing north into the Amazon downstream of the confluence with the Rio Negro.
Amazon, Lower Amazon (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Middle Amazon (Solimoes), Negro (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Orinoco, Middle Orinoco (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Guyana Waters, Coastal Rivers of Guyanas, Essequibo (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH 6.0 - 7.6
Temperature 24.0-26.0°C or 75.2-78.8°F (Show others within this range)
Other Parameters Flowing water preferred but not mandatory.
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Feeding A real omnivore; will eat frozen bloodworm, sinking pellets, flakes and green vegetables. Feed unsettled or new fish at, or just before, night / lights out.
Furniture Provide plenty of rocks for hiding. Tank does not need to be well-planted. Low rounded rocks and close to the ground driftwood crevices are favoured. This pleco doesn't commonly attach to the glass or venture very high in the water column.
Compatibility A relatively gentle pleco even when at its maximum size. Appears to do well with its own kind as well as other plecos of a similar temperament / dietary requirements.
Suggested Tankmates Other small to medium sized catfish, a good pleco to keep with Corydoras or Brochis. Seems to prefer the company of smaller more active fish rather than larger ones. Double figure sized shoals of active tetras or even cyprinids seem to have the most calming effect and inspire confidence in these plecos to make daytime sorties in search of food.
Breeding They are sexually mature around 13-14 cm SL but there are only small differences between the sexes. The male grows just a little longer interopercular and pectoral spine odontodes. The latter are small compared to many other species in the same genus. The females get very plump when gravid and her genital papilla will look round and be very visible, males stay slender and elongated in their body. They are cave spawners and the main problem is to get both sexes and a pair that match each other in terms of size and temperament as the spawning is remarkably gentle in comparison to most other species especially Hypancistrus.
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References Armbruster, J. W. (2003). Peckoltia sabaji, a new species from the Guyana Shield (Siluriformes: Loricariidae). Zootaxa 344:1-12.
Registered Keepers (1) natefrog, (2) Promod, (3) Cory-Diddi, (4) f3mg (k: 2), (5) Trident2004, (6) Micki, (7) spencerdeluxe, (8) Tuti, (9) DarkAtlas (p: 2), (10) LoL, (11) FuglyDragon, who also notes: "Changes color to suit substrate", (12) PoohBear, (13) Ben-cgn, (14) Brotox (p: 4), (15) smithrc, (16) humle, (17) Chrysichthys, (18) Cyberbob, (19) Högö (k: 2), (20) Jools, (21) firenzenz, (22) layzmob, (23) drgold (k: 6), (24) simonas, (25) jippo (k: 2), (26) Freakdaddy, (27) frank frestad, (28) LUISGOREY, (29) sillypony, who also notes: "flashy. fast mover.", (30) loloveto, (31) scatz, (32) Julie, (33) calsonic, (34) ronsterrc, (35) cwhite67, (36) zhallam, (37) 78bill, (38) norfolkgarden, who also notes: "3.5 inches, very active, great fish. Looks most like pic 32, but with stripes from back of dorsal fin to tail. Lost in October tank crash. Will definately look for another one.", (39) Waterboy, (40) doesdavid, (41) wiseoldowl, (42) tvwav, (43) stang1, (44) traumatic, (45) Loracidlover, (46) smsjazz81, (47) Deano089, (48) Seaokoy, (49) I_Xeno, (50) PepperedGary, (51) upc239 (k: 2), (52) wilpleco, (53) shadowcat (k: 2), (54) nowhereman (k: 2), (55) dr_philatelist, (56) storch31, (57) claro, (58) Bijn, (59) FrankW, (60) oli (k: 5), (61) suprabiatch, (62) Back, who also notes: "Died of unknown causes", (63) drpleco (k: 5), (64) 2wheelsx2 (p: 3, k: 4), who also notes: "Sourced from Brazil Found 2 dead, one was decayed and another had a black stomach.", (65) J Bluto, (66) Turbo, (67) Kampfer, (68) puresp (k: 3), (69) KAROBA (k: 3), (70) L-ko (k: 3), (71) Nx7, (72) PeterUK, (73) dpk2313, (74) huskybz91, (75) ichtyophile, (76) judeblackburn, (77) hossma (p: 2), (78) Derzel, (79) mrfishydude, (80) ChanggyChinggy, (81) Buc_Nasty, (82) tspaceace68, (83) Donald (k: 9), (84) plecomanpat (p: 2, k: 2), (85) hankinswood, (86) idudi, (87) VonKarppis, (88) WoonyFishMan, (89) scorpia9100, (90) Nabobmob1 (k: 4), (91) Decker504, (92) PlecoCrazy (k: 4), (93) geminiluna, (94) Jako, (95) FFTRIP (p: 2), (96) wrasse, (97) Skägget, (98) ali_uk_1, (99) gforcefx, (100) Apostolis, (101) mikebren12, (102) dudiel, (103) mdwflyer, (104) Brisch, (105) Nimitz, (106) balken89, (107) Pny, (108) pereli (k: 2), (109) Bjørn, (110) dav (k: 2), (111) Jay1, (112) Cristoffer Forssander (p: 2), (113) jonhybravo2, who also notes: "Not 100% if this is a para pleco but he is a fast little guy who seems to go 100 miles an hour cleaning everything. Very cool to watch.", (114) girema, (115) Andrewjw (k: 9), (116) Syno Rey, (117) aX!o, (118) chaim76, (119) gilsharon, (120) PiggyCutie, (121) camillajakobsen93, who also notes: "Comes out when it gets food", (122) kalija (k: 3), (123) lilu, who also notes: "Chose largest coconut cave as its main hangout and defends it from all other fish but appears to be afraid of rabbit snails as it will not enter the cave if there is a snail inside cleaning. Not bothered by mystery snails nor zebra nerite snails though.", (124) Id16, (125) PlecosAndLoaches (p: 3, k: 4), (126) Asset, (127) Siltsu (k: 2), (128) evojoey, (129) Oceanica, (130) A 401, (131) B20, (132) WouterW, (133) recumbent, (134) TrulsK (k: 8), (135) Redmalboro, (136) husky_jim, (137) ebrehe, (138) Jost (k: 6), (139) mickf1, (140) Tamcon83 (k: 4), (141) flh1200 (k: 5), (142) ilansanin, (143) Kaetsy, (144) adcc, (145) Thomas Meaden, (146) janohansen (k: 8), (147) pleconut, who also notes: "Just bought today and he's just one of those fish that deserves to be named so i named him Champion he will eventually be in an Amazon themed tank and i'll definitely be on the look out for another one to go with him I've made him a cave to help him settle took him a while to find it he likes it but won't share with the male albino bristlenose plecos and becomes quite lively.".

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Breeding Reports None.
Article - CotM 2004 May
Article - Shane's World Reproduction Keeping and spawning Peckoltia sabaji
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