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Scientific Name Panaqolus albomaculatus  (Kanazawa, 1958)
Common Name(s) LDA031, Mustard Spot Pleco
Orange Spot Pleco
Type Locality Río Pucuno, trib. of Río Suno, upper Río Napo basin, 0°47'S, 77°16'W, Napo Prov., Ecuador.
Synonym(s) Panaque albomaculatus
Pronunciation pan ack oh luss - al bow mak u LAT uss
Etymology Panaqolus: Inelegantly derived from the indigenous term Panaque and in a form that infers a smaller size than that genus. This specific epithet refers to its white(albus=white) spots(maculo, -atus=spot, speckle).
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Size 130mm or 5.1" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification Although it sports a common colouration, the wide spaces spots of this fish when young and its distinctive body shape help as pointers to ID.
Sexing Mature males develop long interopercular spines and furry-like hair fine body denticles.
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Distribution Ecuador (Rio Suno, Napo River, Rio Pucuno, Rio Pastaza, Chichirota, Bobonaza) and Peru (Rio Maranon, and Rio Ucayali).
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Marañón, Pastaza, Bobonaza (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Marañón, Ucayali (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Marañón, Pastaza (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Napo, Upper Napo, Suno (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Marañón (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Marañón, Pucuno (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Upper Amazon, Marañón, Chichirota (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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pH 6.0 - 7.0
Temperature 26.0-33.0°C or 78.8-91.4°F (Show others within this range)
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Feeding Sinking pellets, live and frozen worm type foods.
Furniture Bogwood is preferred to stone.
Compatibility Peaceful.
Suggested Tankmates Works well with most types of peaceful community fish. Can be somewhat territorial towards conspecifics, but given enough hiding spaces, a group can be kept in a suitable size aquarium - roughly requiring a 30 x 30cm area per fish.
Breeding Unreported.
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References Copeia 1958 (no. 4) - pp327 - Fig. 1
Registered Keepers (1) ros77uk, (2) Barbie, (3) plecoready, (4) spencerdeluxe, (5) ivokilli, (6) amergim, (7) CatBrat, (8) nettaigyo, (9) Marsdinho, (10) BK, (11) Daragh, (12) k1ttyme0w, (13) invaderwithkey, (14) Walter, (15) soltarii007, (16) NHL (k: 7), (17) zedogz (p: 8), (18) FiRsT_AiD, (19) ianz, (20) hookedonfish, (21) Tom B (k: 2), (22) foley, (23) KittyKat, (24) ofird, who also notes: "13 cm LDA31, Mustard Spot Pleco, Orange Spot Pleco Ecuador ", (25) flatfish (k: 2), (26) Derzel, (27) Boxy, (28) upc239 (p: 2, k: 3), who also notes: "Active fish. 1.5 inches. Love algae tablets, zuchinni, freeze dried shrimps. They come out in day time. uPDATE. wAS SOLD AS l007. tHERE ARE ACTUALLY lda31 ", "Was sold as L007", (29) Haavard Stoere (k: 4), (30) iljasas, (31) ayrtoninst (k: 3), (32) Bjørn, (33) andi, (34) Back, (35) KnapTo, (36) biomechmonster, (37) ChanggyChinggy, (38) Torb (k: 4), (39) Birger Amundsen, (40) NC24, (41) tspaceace68, (42) tony57 (k: 8), who also notes: "Orange spotted known locally as fireglow plec imported as Galaxia love to eat soft bogwood and potatoe ", (43) Donald (k: 4), (44) Papa Moe (k: 2), who also notes: "My Panaque albomaculatus are covered with small yellow spots. One is a male and the other one (picture) is of unknown gender. The last was sold as a L7, the first was bought as a male Panaque albomaculatus but is a sure male. They seldom show at daylight and eat a lot of wood, which can be heard as a scraping sound at night. The catfishes share their aquarium with 10 Carnegiella strigata (hatchetfish).", (45) hankinswood, (46) essexaqua (p: 3), (47) WoonyFishMan (k: 3), (48) Carter77, (49) cdc069, (50) xander, (51) den bruine, (52) Decker504, (53) GOLFMANGA (p: 2), (54) knirper, (55) a-401, (56) Brisch, (57) Complexity, (58) lasteeves, (59) sterna, (60) pereli, (61) Cristoffer Forssander, (62) merit, (63) lizimal, (64) Syno Rey, (65) Krissy (p: 2), (66) cjerrom, (67) Ecrevince (p: 2, k: 11), (68) chriscoli, (69) Camo182 (k: 4), (70) A 401, (71) Tamcon83 (p: 2, k: 5), (72) zn30, (73) Vestyxe, (74) TheDoctor, (75) bekateen (k: 3), who also notes: "Like to eat wood, plus raw sweet potato and boiled Brussels sprouts. Haven't shown any interest in (thawed) frozen shrimp or omnivore pellets.", (76) TerriV.

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