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Scientific Name Panaque cf. armbrusteri`xingu`   
Common Name(s) L027A, Xingu Royal Pleco
L027 `XINGU`, LDA063, Longnosed Royal Pleco, Red Fin Royal Pleco
Pronunciation pan ah KAY.
Etymology The generic epithet "panaque" is a Venezuelan common name for this fish. 
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Size 400mm (15.7") SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp. []
Identification The genus Panaque is identified by the teeth, which are spoon-shaped. This means that the teeth are noticeably wider at the tip than at the base. Other loricariidae have teeth that are similar width all the way from one end to the other. A second distinguishing feature is the lack of a buccal papilla, which is a "flap of skin" on the inside of the mouth. See pictures in this PDF on Pterygoplichthys.

Juveniles display distinctive rusty patches in all but their caudal fins. The caudal is almost all translucent but with some posterior black marbling. The eye colour is the same rusty red. Adults have a very dark virtually black colouration with dark green stripes. The unpaired fins are black with the dorsal fin rays being picked out in dark green. This species appears to have the largest fins in relation to body size.
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Distribution South America: Brazil: Rio Xingu
Amazon, Lower Amazon, Tapajós (click on these areas to find other species found there)
Amazon, Lower Amazon, Xingu (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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Temperature 26.0-29.0°C or 78.8-84.2°F (Show others within this range)[]
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Feeding All Panaque appear to feed on wood, so wood should be present in the tank. They also take prepared algae wafers and fresh vegetables (zucchini, cucumber, peas, green beans) and tubers (potato, yams and similar).
Furniture Natural habitat is among fallen trees and wood-tangles.
Compatibility Generally peaceful, but may defend their territory against conspecifics.
Breeding Unreported.
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Registered Keepers (1) xingumike, (2) Ak Viking (k: 4), (3) funkyj1313, (4) alenate, (5) mikelouth, (6) FishGeek, (7) Armadillo Del Rio, (8) Freakdaddy, (9) Osiris, (10) wasabi, (11) Lornek8, (12) lizimal, who also notes: "name: none yet original cost: $60 USD 12/15/07: Bought a nice Xingu from the LFS yesterday, but as he just arrived we're leaving him there for a couple of weeks so he doesn't have too much stress all at once.", (13) Lightbringer, (14) drgold, (15) weisel, (16) plecko, (17) mrwickedweasel (k: 2), who also notes: "14 inche's in size and 11 inches in size!", (18) dragonfish, (19) ElTofi (k: 3), who also notes: "they grow up slowly... so slowly... actually they reached 25 cm TL", (20) José Maria (p: 3), (21) bcb, (22) andy75, (23) wilpleco, (24) matthewfaulkner, (25) dannyrawlins (p: 2), (26) scleropages, (27) EHEIM~ADDICT, (28) cichlidman16yearsold, who also notes: "only have one cool looking. got as a gift", (29) PseudaSmart (k: 2), (30) chubbikins, (31) NC24, (32) sfchoong (p: 3), (33) plecomanpat, (34) fishermandan, (35) gforcefx, (36) Lframe, (37) eyal8a (k: 2), (38) DaN98, (39) camtang (k: 2), (40) CATMANdrew, (41) girema, (42) Krissy, (43) uaru, (44) EnolaGaye, (45) Chanin09, (46) junglejason, (47) unstoppablejayd, (48) Thomas W, (49) 7Pete, (50) BazzNL, (51) Norbert, (52) WouterW, (53) PlecosAndLoaches, (54) recumbent.

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Breeding Reports None.
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