Keeping Ameiurus natalis

All posts regarding the care and breeding of catfishes from other parts of the world (North America, Europe and Australia). If you don't know where your catfish is from, post a query in the identification category.
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Keeping Ameiurus natalis

Post by bekateen » Sun Dec 22, 2019 7:06 pm

These are specific to North American catfishes, and they aren't peer-reviewed science publications, so I felt they'd get more attention in this forum (rather than the Taxonomy & Science News forum):

Burgess, J.E. (2019). Keeping Ameiurus natalis. American Currents, 44(1): 4-8.
Keeping catfish of different species has been an age-old practice. These fishes have always been classified as cleaners of the tank. Normally catfishes are utilized to eat the waste products from the other, more colorful and entertaining fishes. Drs. Warren E. Burgess and Carl Ferraris, Jr. authored books on the keeping and identification of catfishes. In addition, for the modern aquarist, there are plenty of websites devoted to all aspects of catfishes. This paper deals with one species and how it has been living in my aquarium.
And while I'm at it, here is a list of old NANFA papers on N.A. catfishes. This list includes only the articles with the word "catfish" in their name. Other articles may exist and can be browsed here:

Hoover, J.J., Killgore, K.J., & Cofrancesco, A.F. (2004).
Suckermouth Catfishes: Threats to Aquatic Ecosystems of the United States? American Currents, 32(1): 1-8.
Sneegas, G.W., & Hendrickson, D.A. (2003). Extreme catfishes. American Currents, 29(1): 1-3. Schmidt, K. (1996). Is the blue catfish in Minnesota? American Currents, 22(3): 12. Estes, W.M. (1993). Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Northern Chesapeake Tributaries), Part IX-- Catfish. American Currents, 19(1): 29-34. Finley, L. (1983). Freshwater catfishes of New England. American Currents, 9(7): 12-20.
  • Review of seven catfish species recorded from the New England area, five in the genus Ictalurus and two are members of the genus Noturus.
Pappantoniou, A. (1980). The Behavior of North American Freshwater Fishes ll. The Behavior of Catfishes. American Currents, 7(3): 19-20. Bondhus, J. (1977). Catfish and Bullheads. American Currents, 1(1): 13-20.
  • A taxonomic overview of North American catfishes known at the time.
Relyea, K. (1974). Ictalurid Catfishes of the United States. American Currents,
2(1): 18-21.
  • An overview of North American catfishes known at the time.
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